伊東 真紀

伊東 真紀  Maki Ito


SanFrancisco Conservatory of MusicにてVocal Workを学び、帰国後、本格的に活動を開始。

DJ HideoKobayashiのFeat.Voをした「new globe」はドイツの音楽サイトBesonic.comで、3ヶ月連続1位になり、のびやかな高音が絶賛され一躍脚光を浴びる”アジアの賛美歌”と呼ばれ、アメリカ、フランス、ベルギーでリリース。

パリでリリースされたコンピレーションアルバム”Eyes on Tokyo”では阪本龍一氏や久石譲氏と並び、自身が唄った楽曲が収録された。



中国国営放送のアニメ”Kitten Dream”に楽曲提供を行い、日本・韓国・アメリカでテレビ放送された・アニメ「黒神」の劇中歌を英詞作詞・歌唱。



東日本大震災後「new globe」をフリーダウンロードでリリース。

2013年4月リリースの最新「幸せへ/My Love」(ダブルA面・T-TOC Records)では、編曲・共同プロデューサーに内池秀和(作曲家)を迎えてレコーディング。中西俊博(vl)、江口信夫(dr)、天野清継(gt)、菅原裕紀(per)、村上聖(ba)、林正樹(pf)と”幸せ"をテーマにあたたかい良質ポップスの作品に仕上げた。

2014年10月 ギタリスト・川崎燎氏の薦めによりエストニアライブを行う。

また、2015年12月20日 はじめて日本で作詞作曲をしてレコーディングをした曲『心の花』『gift』がデジタル配信リリース。




Maki Ito studied vocal work at SanFrancisco Conservatory of Music, after which she returned to Japan and started working as a singer. 

She started with featuring DJ Hideo Kobayashi and their song “New Globe” was on the first place for 3 months on Germany’s music site the worldwide audience she was discovered from that site, where people from different countries started to value her voice.

Her voice was so beautiful that people started saying that it reminded them of Asian hymn. 

After that she released new songs in America, France and Belgium. One of the songs was chosen to the compilation CD called “Eyes on Tokyo” which was released in Paris. The songs were chosen by Ryuichi Sakamoto (composed “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence) and Joe Hisaishi (music composer of Ghibli Studio movies). In addition, Maki Ito’s rich and sensitive musicianship got started from there, when she also sang for numerous television commercials. For example “Invitation to 2020 Tokyo Olympics”, “New cling wrap”, “McDonald’s song”, “Bifidus yogurt”and we can carry on to over 100 songs. 

Maki Ito has also composed and wrote the lyrics for the opening and ending song for anime called “Kitten dream” which was aired in Chinese National Broadcasting. She also wrote lyrics and sang for the anime called “Kurokami” (“Black God”) which was aired in Japan, Korea and America. From these songs Maki Ito gained more popularity around the World. 

Not only did she continue to compose and write her own songs but also  pursued to sing Jazz, Bossanova and Pop style. She gained more popularity as a vocalist and from there started her nationwide live concerts. 

After Tohoku Earthquake (March 2011) the song “New Globe” was released on free download.

Maki Ito’s first single ”幸せへ/My love” (ダブルA面・T-TOC Records) was released in April 2013.

These songs were arranged and co-produced with Hidekazu Uchiike (composer). With Japanese top musicians, such as Toshihiro Nakanishi (violin),Nobuo Egchi(Drums), Kiyotsugu Amano(Guitar),Yuuki Sugawara(Percussions),Hijiri Murakami(Bass),Masaki Hayashi(Piano)  Maki Ito created a single with warm and high quality. 

Recommended by Ryo Kawasaki, Maki Ito successfully performed in Estonia, in October 2014.

In December 2015 Maki Ito released her first downloadable single “心の花/gift”. 

In 16. November 2016 Maki Ito released her long waited first full album called “Voyage”. 

The lyrics are written so that people, despite of language, would have a feeling of a much brighter tomorrow. 

The album is co-produced with Shinji Akita. Thanks to musicians Hidefumi Toki(A.Sax,S.Sax), Shinji Akita(Pf), Katsumi Hiraishi(Ba), Setsu Fujii(Dr) Ryo Ogihara(Gt) the album is crossover from jazz to pop music, that has both electronic as well as acoustic sound. 7 of the songs are Maki Ito originals. There are also 4 cover songs, such as “Smile”, “Imagine”, “Human Nature” and “MoonRiver”.

Music to one song is entirely created by Shinji Akita and lyrics co-created by Shinji Akita and Maki Ito. 

“Voyage” was ranked third in Amazon rankings.

Maki Ito released “Voyage” and has been featured in many audio magazines


Maki Ito is valued by her voice that gently and warmly embraces each and every listener. 

Maki Ito has said “I wish that listening to my voice and songs will speak to your mind and soul .”